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    HIL Simulators

    Innovate Faster and Reduce Cost With Future-Proof HIL Simulators

    HIL Simulators are revolutionizing the way companies test embedded software. NI hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test systems are built on open, flexible platforms that you can customize to fit your needs and quickly adapt as test requirements change. With easy-to-use software and tight integration with third-party tools like The MathWorks, Inc. Simulink? software, you can test earlier and more often, increasing the quality of your embedded software. NI has the widest breadth of I/O in the industry, including camera data processing and RF measurements and simulation, which ensures your HIL test system can handle the most advanced embedded technologies.

    Download the HIL Simulators Brochure

    Featured Content

    Advantages of NI HIL Simulators

    View this webcast to discover how an HIL simulator built on an open platform can future-proof your test systems.

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    Learn how customizable HIL Simulators can fit your test requirements.

    Explore the NI Approach

    See why the largest names in automotive and aerospace use NI HIL systems.

    What Others Are Saying

    "We chose an NI HIL test system because it is built on open, standard platforms that allowed us to reduce the overall cost of test and long-term maintenance and ownership of our hardware. It also allowed us to customize the system to our exact needs, increasing the speed at which we could find and fix embedded software defects while integration testing LRUs for our Gripen fighter." - Anders Tunstr?mer, Saab Aeronautics

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    Additional Resources

    HIL Simulators are built on PXI, CompactRIO, and SLSC hardware for an open and modular architecture. They use both a real-time OS and FPGA technology to deliver the ultimate in customizability while taking advantage of commercial off-the-shelf components to reduce long-term maintenance risk.

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