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    NI Service Programs for Hardware

    Save time and money when planning for system setup and maintenance by including a NI service program with your hardware purchase. NI service programs go beyond the included one-year warranty by offering additional time saving entitlements to help you avoid hassle, improve uptime, and maintain traceability at the lowest price. Service programs start at only a fraction of the hardware list price and can be tailored to meet your specific application needs.

    Service Program Options

    Standard Service Program

    Lower your total cost of ownership and avoid unplanned maintenance expenses.

    Premium Service Program

    Improve uptime with a program that delivers faster turnaround times for repair and calibration.

    PremiumPlus Service Program

    Collaborate with NI on a customized program that is tailored to meet your specific requirements.


    Standard Service Program

    Premium Service Program


    Turnaround Time

    Extended Repair Coverage

    NI restores your device’s functionality and includes firmware updates and factory calibration.

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    <10 working days1 + standard shipping

    System Configuration, Assembly, and Test2

    NI technicians assemble, install software in, and test your system per your custom configuration prior to shipment. 

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    Advanced Replacement3

    NI stocks replacement hardware that can be shipped immediately if a repair is needed.

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    <1 working day + express shipping

    System Return Material Authorization (RMA)2

    NI accepts the delivery of fully assembled systems when performing repair services. 

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    Optional Calibration Plan (Additional Cost)



    NI performs the requested level of calibration at the specified calibration interval for the duration of the service program.

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    Standard: <10 working days + standard shipping

    Expedited: <3 working days + express shipping

    Note: You can choose three- or five-year program durations for both Standard and Premium Service Programs. You can also customize the program duration if needed. Contact your NI sales representative to learn more about customizing your service program.


    1Applies to non-RF products only. Standard extended repair coverage for RF products is <15 working days + standard shipping.  

    2This option is available for NI PXI, CompactRIO, and CompactDAQ systems.

    3This option is not available for all NI products in all countries. Contact your local NI sales engineer for more information.

    4Expedited calibration is only available for the Traceable calibration level.                      



    PremiumPlus Service Program

    NI can customize the offerings listed above or offer additional entitlements such as on-site calibration, custom sparing, and life-cycle services through a PremiumPlus Service Program. Contact your NI sales representative to learn more.