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    Compare Software License Programs

    NI software purchased as a single seat includes a one-year membership to the Standard Service Program (SSP) for Software to ensure your project success. Renew your SSP membership to continue to receive SSP benefits.

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    Simplify asset management for teams and work groups. Gain expanded online training access and SSP for Software benefits.*

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    Standardize software use across teams, including training and other advanced services for large teams and enterprises.

    Contact NI

    Features Single-Seat License Volume License Program* Enterprise Program*
    Technical Support through Phone and Email
    Customized Support Program - - Optional
    Access to Online Training (by products owned)
    Extended Access to Online Training (All Courses) -
    Training Credits - -
    Software Updates and Maintenance Releases
    Access to Previous NI Software Versions
    Exclusive Regional Events*
    Account Assessment - - Optional
    Consulting Time - - Optional
    Flexible Licensing and Asset Management      
    Expanded Licensing Options -
    Asset Management Tools -
    Unlimited Software Access - - Optional


    *Service availability may vary by product and region.


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